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The property market or by unprepared recovery into no ready for

Editor, : the property market in stride forward singing militant songs for several months after finally slowed down the pace of .This is the inflection point of arrival signal ,or property market rise asthenia ,need to take a breath &ldquo ;&rdquo ;go on ?At present it has been established that, over the past few months turnover soared to drive prices rise rapidly ,has to a certain extent overdrawn property buyers demand ;at the same time ,the credit policy from the first half of comfortable turn for the second half of the moderately loose ,real estate faced funds environment has changed ,investment demand in the next the second half of the release would be part of containment .
More importantly ,the property market come unexpectedly recovery many developers at &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,after months of real estate sales ,the second half of the year can sell area has been greatly reduced .
Demand wait-and-see ,shortage of supply ,adumbrative market in the future will enter a wait-and-see and consolidation period .So far ,adidas pas cher,announced plans to increase investment ,increase the strength of real estate companies started the project still scanty ,this means ,developers in the capital pressure relieved after still having to maintain a cautious attitude .
After the market trend ,will depend more on economic recovery ,as well as the real estate market itself and the change of supply demand relations .Zhong Wei : the property market or by &ldquo ;&rdquo prepared without recovery ;gradually into the &ldquo ;no &rdquo prepared in winter ;sold the Shanghai Huashan road a two bedroom ,a Shanghai Multi-National Corporation executives quickly recovered 3600000 yuan ,then in London City high-grade residential area &mdash ;&mdash ;the river Thames for her daughter to buy a total of 420000 pounds ,an area of 100 square meters of townhouses ,equivalent to 60000 yuan / square meters .
Reportedly ,the executives in London to buy 100 square metres house is set inside area ,permanent property ,and can obtain the approximately 1000000 yuan of interest-free loans .&ldquo ;note, London general white-collar salary can reach 50000 pounds ,Shanghai similar functions but only may get 5000 pounds .
If the average price calculated ,a 2 room price is about 300000 pounds ,or white-collar workers 6 years salary .In Shanghai, about the need to strive for more than 10 years .&rdquo ;the executives of CBN reporters clear .
He was therefore now domestic rapid high prices very worried ,that may be &ldquo ;good view no longer &rdquo ;,so one after another in Beijing and Shanghai to sell the property .Similarly, in search the median of the housing half a year later ,Mr.
Wang in the early autumn season officially announced that gives up the housing schemes .He was a few months ago sold a set of Shanghai inner ring of two bedroom ,but now is ready and family rental transition ,the reason is ,&ldquo ;&rdquo prices have been signs of overheating ;.
Mr. Wang idea is not the case .Shanghai old cattle, told CBN :Although the property market of the digital still shows hot picture, can he see the secondary listing of the housing boom, some listing price has more than 1 months ago fell slightly .
This made him think there are reasons for short-term use plan .&ldquo ;indicators show ,the property market has been at the top of &lsquo ;&rsquo ;in July ,will have greater growth peak .
To the beginning as the starting point ,I expected the market there are 6 popular quarter of the period ,air jordan,but now the pace of price increases ,hot period will be shortened .&rdquo ;the Beijing Normal University Finance Institute Zhong Wei on CBN reporters ,&ldquo ;recent market buyers ,likely in the second half of next year amazed ground discovers :they buy a house because of high &lsquo ;&rsquo ;.
But due to China inevitability, &lsquo &rsquo ;quilt ;period probably lasted only 1 and a half years ,may not exceed 5 years .&rdquo ;July top has now ?Do not consider the whole volume data ,louboutin,price is already successive a few months were better than expected .
At the age of 30, the purchase of small Zhao began in February from this year the house ,he told the CBN said ,half a year in this period, his psychological price by 1500000 yuan of total gradually rose to 1800000 yuan ,recently the couple budget increased to 2000000 yuan .
Compared with the price rise, because &ldquo ;just to be &rdquo ;see house area from Central has been extended to the outer ring ,&ldquo ;even some never before thought plates have went to see &rdquo ;.
&ldquo ;although the plate, but the price range is .For example ,at the beginning of the year ,the second-hand housing 10000 yuan / square meters .At that time always believe prices even fell ,can maintain a few months flat .
But by August ,the new average price of more than 18000 yuan / square meters ,even second-hand housing breakthrough 20000 yuan / square meters .&rdquo ;Zhao on CBN reporters ,the same price range has also appeared in Jiuting ,Nanhui ,located in New Jiangwan City plate .
When the Shanghai Huashan road plate with central London Thames prices have basically conform ,Shanghai at 10000 yuan / square meters has been completed in property prices &ldquo ;serial jump &rdquo ;after the basic disappear from the scene .
According to the statistics of t property ,in areas outside the central 23 flats in August compared to February ,average price rose up to nearly one times ,such as :David Santa Santa Barbara Garden (townhouse part) February transactions fold to 12971 yuan ,in August the average price of 19044 yuan ,up 46.
8% ;The9 Lake View Residence Internazionale price in August 18013 yuan, than in February rose 91% .Eventually ,small Zhao to budget of $2000000, in the outer ring ,louboutin pas cher,a subway station and 1 kilometers of Songjiang plate to buy at a price of 17000 yuan / square meters apartment, this event in February when the price is not too wan .
Price rises ,the demand for owner-occupied out extrusion &mdash ;&mdash ;the current situation is worrying .China Index Research Institute data center monitoring display monitor ,in August of 30 in the city, only 8 city residential area rose ,not to the city number 1/3,franklin marshall, while the 30 city total area chain turnover fell about 11.
18% .At the same time ,from the supply situation, August, the traditional sales low season is not over yet, future prices generally rise ,developers interested in pushing slow-speed ,each city stocks continued to decline, such as Hangzhou ,louis vuitton outlet,Shenzhen ,Guangzhou and other city has dropped to record low levels ,tight market supply .
&ldquo ;look now, if say last year in November is the market at the bottom of &lsquo ;&rsquo ;in July this year ,the market is &lsquo ;the top &rsquo ;.&rdquo ;Zhong Wei thinks ,market of &ldquo &rdquo ;ceiling ;appears already, but is still in the continuation of the property market heat cover .
The reason lies in the economic growth ,central power peak has passed ,from the beginning of June economic growth ring being flat ,even falling .In the stock market have reflected ;the second is the real estate started in July from &ldquo ;see the top of &rdquo ;the national average ,secondhand the room trades began to face &ldquo ;volume or price of &rdquo ;situation ,sac longchamp,and continued for 2 months .
In short supply or will turn to oversupply of Shanghai celebrates the property manager Chen Shiling told the CBN said :&ldquo ;the new price blowout ,the source is the beginning of the year,louboutin, volume expansion too fast ,causing the housing supply can not keep up, give developers hoarding ,increases the chance .
&rdquo ;Shanghai real estate market is like a shallow dish economy product ,as long as there is some favorable factors ,can cause the volume ,louis vuitton,price blowout .But assuming that the ratio of supply and demand is reversed, the market will change the status quo .
&ldquo ;second-hand housing turnover decline is an important signal ,which represents a tendency of the market .&rdquo ;Zhong Wei said .What he says ,twenty-first Century real estate statistics show that in August ,Beijing ,sac longchamp pas cher,Shanghai ,Shenzhen three secondary Housing turnover fell Qi ,respectively, a decline of 10.
4% ,12.9% and 21% .This one, on August,maillot de foot pas cher, Beijing property market overall transaction volumes remain historically high ,prices are still rising, but the secondary housing has since the second quarter of this year the first transaction slip .
The situation in Shanghai was even worse :Volume for the February downturn ,price level is still high .&ldquo ;housing stock from 2008 October gradually digested by the market ,to 7 at the end of the supply and demand for the history of the highest level of tension .
Which Shanghai area can be sold continuously for 2 months ;in Beijing it is 6 to 7 months .In July for a time node ,is expected next supply demand relations will be more relieved .The key is to supply the increasing gradually ,while effective demand is suppressed during the same period .
&rdquo ;Zhong Wei judge said .Supply and demand will from this year the bottom begins subtle changes occurred : one side is the rapid increase in the volume of investment in the development ,developers are spelling progress ,and may be in the next year ,in October 9 to form the climax .
Demand ?Zhong Wei thinks ,abercormbie,in addition to purchasing power is high inhibition, property buyers will be surprised to find ,inflation does not exist in reality ,but credit is tightened over the same period ,buy a house heat will then cool down .
This year 2 ,March, in Union City within a session, when Zhong Wei said the judge this year the property market turnover and prices might even exceed the 2007 alliance ,louboutin,in many companies think it is Arabian nights .
In most developers have pessimistic thoughts under the background, the first half of this year ,the property market after a &ldquo ;&rdquo prepared without recovery ;.Now ,Zhong Wei is expected ,property may be possible in the collective overly optimistic contrast through a &ldquo ;&rdquo prepared without recession ;.
&ldquo ;real estate industry has been equalled, even more than in 2007 .But the industry own development model has not been fundamentally transformation .If the enterprises have the ability to completed in 2010 sales ,Congratulations ,you get a very good opportunity for speculation &mdash ;&mdash ;but that is the only opportunity for speculation .

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2009 Which Weifang 35000 , Chongqing 25000 , 28000 in Wuhan , Yangzhou 15000 , four lights installed quantity of the city and 103 000 , accounting for nearly half of the total . In 2009 , most cities still in the experimental stage , is expected next year after large-scale roll out .

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Business headquarters base in Wuqing Development Zone

The city district fourth number of major construction projects of Wuqing Development Zone business headquarters base to first-class design,adidas pas cher, good working environment and unique geographical advantages to attract domestic headquarters economic projects come in a throng.
Up to now, has been the introduction of blue cat cartoon Science Park R & D center, aux,louboutin, Yuchai heavy marketing settlement center of 15 creative industry and headquarters economic projects, total investment amounts to 2500000000 yuan,jordan, can achieve revenue 600000000 yuan.
Wuqing Development Zone business headquarters base planning area of 1.26 square kilometers, construction area of 1200000 square meters,abercrombie paris, a total investment of 6000000000 yuan.The main development business, office,louboutin pas cher, creative, animation, R & D,chaussure adidas, IT, service outsourcing, the corporate headquarters of modern service industry, the future will become the two largest city of modern service industry in the new layout of the main base.
Base on high level planning,sac longchamp pas cher, quality construction, regulatory detailed planning from the Tsinghua University city planning and Design Institute of design, landscape project by Beijing natives planning design and Research Institute of design.
The base will be the construction of the central service area, business district headquarters, Traders Hotel area,louboutin pas cher, service outsourcing, integrated office,abercormbie france, creative industry zone 6 region.2-3 years after building entirely, predict investment volume reached 8000000000 yuan, realize GDP100 billion yuan, annual tax 2000000000 yuan.
At present,sac longchamp, the base of comprehensive pipeline, water, roads,abercormbie, bridges and other infrastructure and landscape greening works completed,maillot de foot pas cher, outsourcing service area has been basically completed,louboutin pas cher, Traders Hotel area and office area has started construction, the service area and the corporate headquarters of area was planning and design.

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2009 Which Weifang 35000 , Chongqing 25000 , 28000 in Wuhan , Yangzhou 15000 , four lights installed quantity of the city and 103 000 , accounting for nearly half of the total . In 2009 , most cities still in the experimental stage , is expected next year after large-scale roll out .

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Wuhan this weekend years later projects listed in the climax

Wuhan market begins to send force,maillot foot, the first climax in the year listing appears on the weekend.Yesterday, reporters from the residential area to understand, the weekend two days,franklin marshall, more than 10 projects to push new premises.
But a substantial discount scanty, mostly in less than 5%.This weekend, each region has a property or opening, or accept registration.Optics Valley built in the two period,abercormbie france, the Xu Dong family love the royal residence, after the New Oriental Spirit Lake, lake of the Green spring shore, Hankou City Central Royal, Polygram Tangxun Lake and Lakeside Park,abercrombie, Dongxihu Aerospace Rainbow Town and lake waters.
In these new projects and sales in the market,chaussure adidas, in addition to Tangxun Lake estate launched ? 20000 is 80000 ? the outer,louboutin, most concessions are in 30000 yuan of less than,louis vuitton, a lot of ? 3% off ? and ? &rdquo,adidas pas cher, 2% off; some say ? scene has a mysterious gift & rdquo, some; ? &rdquo value preferences; in reality,louboutin pas cher, it is difficult to see substantial concessions.
At present,air jordan, the entire property sales Wuhan has not declined, some projects still selling well, the market was still in the end of the high price.Year come,louboutin, in sales of housing is not many,sac longchamp, sales between little competition,louis vuitton outlet, the market is not in the price to take &ldquo ? bloodletting; offensive.

The property market in Shanghai last week turnover return to top

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2009 Which Weifang 35000 , Chongqing 25000 , 28000 in Wuhan , Yangzhou 15000 , four lights installed quantity of the city and 103 000 , accounting for nearly half of the total . In 2009 , most cities still in the experimental stage , is expected next year after large-scale roll out .

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Jinghusui property transactions Qi is the short-term adjustment

The traditional "golden nine silver ten" did not bring the property market turnover rising.Last week (September 7th - 13), Beijing commercial housing (forward delivery housing and signed 3254 sets Xianfang), were slightly.
The forward delivery housing housing, signed 2597 sets Xianfang housing, signed 657 sets.2597 sets of forward delivery housing residential, residential commodity forward delivery housing contract 2204 sets,abercormbie france, a decline of 8.
01%.Notable is, last week the Beijing second-hand housing contract quantity is 4992,maillot de foot pas cher, dropped chain 41.78%,louboutin, a temporary end to 13 consecutive week contract amount higher than the 5000 set of strong aspect.
Analytic personage thinks, Beijing with regional secondary housing fold is generally lower than new houses, second-hand housing turnover downturn the industry deserves attention.Last week, Shanghai residential commodity turnover of 326400 square meters, fell 14.
27%; the average commercial housing transactions fold to 15353 yuan / square meters, lasting 4 weeks down.Last week,air jordan, Shenzhen commercial housing transaction sets 793,abercrombie paris, increased 21.07% than the ring; the total turnover amounted to 1421000000 yuan,louis vuitton, increased 8.
42% than the ring.Although the week turnover rose, but Shenzhen nearly eight weeks Zhou Pingjun turnover is only 758 sets,chaussure adidas, in the past eight weeks, only two week's turnover slightly more than 100000 square meters.
Enter after September,adidas pas cher, Shenzhen prices downward market ratio began to increase,louboutin pas cher, and the price increases sales volume is decreased gradually, luxury sales momentum after the past, Shenzhen property market is likely from the current "high low" level,sac longchamp, to gradually adjust to "price volume up" rise channel.
Last week, Guangzhou City,abercrombie, 162 projects were signed 1403 sets of housing,louboutin pas cher, were reduced 223 sets,louboutin, the deal area is 163400 square meters.The recent signing quantity decrease and rising property prices, the main remains and shortage, so you can't use the inflection point to describe.

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2009 Which Weifang 35000 , Chongqing 25000 , 28000 in Wuhan , Yangzhou 15000 , four lights installed quantity of the city and 103 000 , accounting for nearly half of the total . In 2009 , most cities still in the experimental stage , is expected next year after large-scale roll out .

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Shenzhen second-hand housing transactions in the

Yesterday is the real estate sector after New Year holiday first day at work.As expected,adidas pas cher, years ago,louis vuitton outlet, second-hand housing transactions unusually unpopular scene yesterday to quench,louboutin, property right registration center in front for the first time to see heavy traffic crowded phenomenon.
City real estate property registration center responsible person told the reporter,abercrombie, as of five pm yesterday,sac longchamp pas cher, the center received zone in the transfer of second-hand housing apply only in 150 cases,jordan, plus,chaussure adidas, only about 300 cases per year also.
In the year 12 by the end of the month,abercormbie and fitch, the second-hand housing average daily trading volume in about 1300 cases per year.City real estate property registration center of the original office in Luohu District Huimin building,maillot foot, mid September,abercormbie france, the center will zone in the original several registration point to concentrate all the office locations in silver lake.
Thereafter it basically every day is a day of heavy traffic,abercormbie, to do the citizens in a continuous line.Because the country publishs policy regulation,air jordan, starting from January 1st this year cancelled transactions of second-hand housing business tax preferential policies.

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According to the company announcement shows, China industry real estate acquisition Sheng mining, which has 2 prospecting right, respectively Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province gold room ditch, copper and gold mine in Shaanxi province and the county of Shan head ? Swallow ditch area gold deposit.

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